The Top 3 Reasons For Women To Fuel Up With Pre Workout Meal

Do you struggle to maintain stamina and energy during gym workouts? If yes, you are not alone! Most ladies trying to bounce back in shape often perform strenuous workouts but miss out on the optimal nutrition they need before and after hours of extreme physical activities. Working out just after eating heavy meals is bad for obvious reasons but skipping your pre-workout meals is even worse. Here, we list some important reasons to include a pre workout snack in your diet before hitting the gym or indulging in your favorite body-shaping activities. Let’s start!

Best Reasons For Healthy Snacking Before Workouts

1. For Enhanced Performance:

If you are one of those women who shows up at the gym without indulging in a nutritious pre-workout meal, you may not get the best results out of your workout. Your muscles need fuel for contraction and relaxation during intense physical activity at the gym. Your body converts the stored glycogen into glucose to fuel your muscles and keep you going for long hours without exhaustion. Therefore, loading up on complex carbohydrates at least 30 minutes before a workout helps replenish your glycogen stores and perform better during the workouts (1).

2.For Reduced Protein Breakdown:

If you want to ditch stubborn fat during workouts, the protein synthesis in the body should be more or at least equal to protein breakdown. At Sona Gym (Mohali), we always encourage our members to indulge in high-protein foods for bodybuilding before a workout. You can either indulge in a healthy gym diet plan for muscle gain which includes eggs, dairy, soy, legumes, and nuts, or supplement with a premium-quality BCAA supplement before working out for best results.

3.For Optimal Endurance:

Many women are adamant about cutting fats to regain shape fast. Reducing the amount of healthy fats in your diet may slow your athletic endurance. If your workout lasts more than an hour, your body utilizes fats for energy after your glucose stores are depleted. The healthy fats in pre-workout foods replenish your body and help you keep energized during long hours of exercise. However, it would help if you were extra cautious about choosing a food source that contains healthy fats for overall fitness. Foods containing trans fats or saturated fats raise the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), which may lead to several health problems. On the other hand, plant-based oils come brimming with polyunsaturated fats and are good for hormonal balance, endurance, and cardiovascular health. Thus, indulging in a pre-workout meal that contains healthy fats is the key to maintaining optimal health and endurance.


Hitting the gym or performing brisk exercises without indulging in a healthy pre workout snack is never a good idea. Pre workout meals fuel your body for optimal endurance and aid in muscle recovery during and after your workout. So next time you step out for your favorite ladies gym in Mohali, remember to snack on healthy pre-workout food for the best health benefits.


Question 1: Which Is The Best Ladies Gym In Mohali?

Answer: Sona Gym in Mohali is one of the leading gym for ladies in Mohali with the latest equipment and professional trainers.

Question 2: When Should I Take A Pre Workout Meal And Snack?

Answer: You can take a small pre-workout meal around 1-2 hours before a workout or you may eat healthy pre-workout snacks around 30-40 mins before exercise.