Frequently Asked Question
1. How do I find Sona Gym and Spa in Mohali?
Any local will be happy to direct you here. Also remember, it is right Above Federal nin Mohali, Chandigarh.

2. Is this gym open till midnight?
Well, you can come to work out at any time during .

3. Will I also get a diet plan?
You will need to approach the gym team to understand if they have a nutritionist who can help you with this.

4. Does Sona Gym and Spa have cardio equipment?
Yes, this gym is well-equipped with machines for cardio training. Please visit and ask the trainer for specific details.

5. Is it advisable for women to lift weights?
Yes, weights are not just for men. In fact, women will become stronger and be able to control their body weight effectively if they lift weights. Although, it is advisable to do so under a trainer’s guidance.

6. Can women develop manly muscles by working out at the gym?
For a woman to develop bulky manly muscles, one will require a lot of testosterone, protein consumption, and regular extreme workouts. This is not possible under normal circumstances as your body will be able to achieve this feat without conscious tweaking of your entire lifestyle and the addition of supplements.