Why Choose Us?


As today’s life style something we really think and matters for us is health today numbers of Gym & Spas are available in the market but then why Sana gym and spa?

This will be the big question for us and then how we are going to differentiate us from other that is the big challenge and question for every one before going to join us.

So why only we are the perfect choice for every woman then it is featured below which makes us different from others:
  • We have the best dedicated fitness trainers for women those taking care of each and every one by their personally concentration on each and every clients to get them there perfect shape.
  • Our Gym & Spa is only for women fitness and only dedicated for women.
  • Big Spacing is available here, which makes more comfortable to all of you, for your workout.
  • Best Equipments for best workout.
  • Better diet guidance for each of our clients.
  • Special dance and Zumba Classes by trained and certified trainers.